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South Half (S/2) of Section 11, Township 5S, Range 30W (11-5S-30W), Decatur County, Kansas
SW/4 Section 23, Township 5S, Range 30 W (23-5S-30W), Decatur County, Kansas
S/2 Section 22, Township 5S, Range 30 W (22-5S-30W), Decatur County, Kansas
NW/4 Section 25, Township 4S, Range 30 West (25-4S-30W), Decatur County, Kansas
Tract 1: W/2 SE4 S6,T5, R23, Norton County, Kansas
Tract 2: S/2 SE4 S7, T7, R23,Norton County, Kansas
Tract 3: N/2 NE4 S6, T5, R23, Norton County, Kansas
Tract 1: E2, S3, T10, R25, Graham County, Kansas
East half of section 8 Township three S. Range 30 W. Decatur County
Tract 2: SE4 and E2 SW4 S27, T7, R24W, Graham County, Kansas
Southwest Quarter of Section 34, Township 4 South,
Range 29 West    Decatur County, Kansas
SE/4 of Section 27 Township 4S Range 30W, Decatur County, Kansas
Address:  00000 H Lane

NW/4 of Section 26, Township 3S, Range 28, Decatur County, Kansas
Address: 00000 1600th Rd.